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Care365days provides a portal for you to take a consult with the leading specialists of your choice across India, from anywhere you want, your home, office or even from another hospital. Our team makes it easy to find your doctor and share your medical history and relevant report, saves on your time and money by providing you with quick consults through phone and video calls and helps keep your data confidential though local laws and stringent policies all at the comfort of your fingertip through the internet.

People often face medical dilemmas regarding their diagnosis, treatment and eventual prognosis. You feel trapped in your options for medical care, not knowing who to trust or consult. The reason may vary, be it finances, insurance, lack of time to visit another doctor, long appointment times, complicated reports or simply a lack of knowledge about who would be the best counsel, patients are often deprived of the correct treatment.

Recent statistics by UKPDA show that as many as 35% of the initial plans for treatment need modifications due to an incorrect diagnosis, a risk that is reduced by 78% by taking another relevant medical opinion. Any condition that affects your mental peace can affect your health; when you are faced with decisions regarding a new diagnosis or treatment plan, having another expert opinion is the first step towards getting the care you need.For those with complex medical questions or concerns, looking for answers or alternatives, or simply peace of mind – we are here to help.


What Is Medical Opinion / Second Opinion?

Medical opinion is a consult with a physician specializing in the field of medicine or surgery or associated branches which are responsible for dealing with your ailment or condition as recognized by the medical council of the country.

A second opinion is when you have already consulted a physician and have been diagnosed with a condition based on your history, physical and investigations.
The basic aim of this is to answer questions like

what does my diagnosis mean?
is my diagnosis correct?
is the proposed treatment correct?
is there more information available about my condition?
is there an alternative treatment that would be better for me?

How does Care365days help?

Care365days is an independent organization that specializes in providing medical opinions and care from Indiaís leading experts.Our advisers will assess the case, and then pass details on to Care365days specialist panel. If appropriate they will assign a doctor to contact you to discuss your case in more detail. If required, the doctor will help to gather all the relevant information, including tests, scans and reports.Your details will be reviewed by one or more leading experts in the field, and a report is compiled which reviews your diagnosis and treatment plan. If any changes are recommended, the report is discussed with you, and if needed your treating doctor. And because this is all done by correspondence, you donít have to travel anywhere to get your medical opinion.

What kind of charges or fee will be charged? is an open platform connecting patients with top doctors around India. Our specialists set their own pricing for reviewing your medical images, allowing you a choice based upon experience, qualifications, expertise and availability and the cost of a typical consultation fee in their region.

The price you pay includes the processing fee for Care365days. Members get special discounts on consultation and medication.

Is the patient data confidential?

The Patient Data shared with Care365days by you and your physician is stored in a secure Electronic Medical Records management system and is protected by the country's patient privacy laws. The Data is only stored for the legally mandated period of time after the consult or till the patient or their family members continue to hold Care365days memberships.

What does one do if they wish to follow with treatment under the consulted specialist or want to travel for treatment under his care?

Our Medical Tourism division handles the case and with agreement from your treating physician will make all necessary travel and stay arrangements before and after your travel along with hospital appointments and stay appropriation will be done. International patients wishing to travel who need to apply for appropriate VISA and documentations will be catered to by our international client division. Trust our teams for a seamless integration of your travel and healthcare services.

How does one obtain their medical records to send to us for a consult?

In most countries patients have free access to their medical records. You can request copies of your diagnostic medical images from your hospital/doctor. Most of the time you will be asked to fill out a request form from the hospital, or send in a written request. Please contact your hospital/doctor to know what the request procedure is. Once your request is received, your doctor/hospital should provide you copies of your medical records within a reasonable amount of time. In case the investigations are quite old, our consultants may ask you to repeat a few tests and upload the reports again.

Reports and documentation in language other than English, are they acceptable?

If you are unable to provide an English translation of your documents by a medical transcriptionist our team can help. During the ordering process, there is a list of languages that Care365days can help with. A professional medical transcriptionist, who is a native speaker of the language you wish to use, translates each report. If needed the Care365days medical opinion can also be translated back into the language of your choice. Please note that there is an additional fee of $50.00 per language translation.

Is it possible to consult multiple specialists at the same time?

You can consult as many specialists as you want through our portal; however your Care365days counsellor would usually advice you if a multi-specialty consult is needed for your case. Keep in mind that multiple consults can cause delays in the formulation of an opinion everyone agrees on.


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