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Public events should be enjoyed by everyone attending.
Throughout India on any given day events are conducted which attract crowds large and small, at varying types and styles of venue. The quality and quantity of planning and preparation for health and safety aspects of these events vary considerably. This may be due to many factors such as the number of spectators, the nature of the event, and the promoter’s experience. Inadequate planning can increase risks associated with insufficient or ineffective spectator management or service provision. The evidence lies in the large number of public events where multiple injuries, illness and deaths have occurred. Furthermore, in planning events, organizers may fail to consider ‘what if a major emergency situation should occur during the event?’ All of these risks pose a threat to the successful staging of events, and therefore need to be managed with appropriate planning and preparation. Planning for public events requires cooperation between event organizers and relevant government, private and community organizations. Quite simply, the decisions of one party in the planning stage can have an impact on the preparedness of another, so a sharing of knowledge and information is imperative prior to the event. While event promoters or managers have primary responsibility for planning and preparation, the involvement of health professionals and emergency managers in the pre-event planning phase may contribute to a safer, and therefore more successful event.

Care365days is one of the leading companies in the event industry offering a wide range of event medical  and crisis management services that provide your event with the complete package of medical or first aid cover. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our highly skilled, committed and dedicated staff, together with a planned professional approach has gained our company and team a reputation for quality, excellence and reliability within the event industry.

We deliver professional medical services ranging from a single first aider to a field hospital giving our customers the assurance of the highest standards of medical care, planning and management onsite at the event. Our Services Include:

•        Pre-Event Planning
•        Advise on First Aid & Medical Requirements
•        Liaison with other Agencies & Emergency Services
•        Full Event Medical Planning
•        Risk Identification Documents
•        Post Event Reporting

We have our roots in managing Medical care at events, exhibitions and shows. You can't always control when or how someone gets injured or sick. Using EMS under Care365days you can reduce severity and mitigate danger. Let Care365days optimize your medical resources and allow you to concentrate on other important tasks.

Our practices are as per the National Emergency Management Principles and Practice Advisory Committee guidelines, Delhi 1999.


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